EWHL SC Playing Format

  1. EWHL Supercup Regular Season:

    The EWHL Supercup will be played with 3 groups as one (1) round robin in each.

  2. EWHL Supercup Play Offs:

    The 3 group winners plus the best 2nd placed team (points per game percentage, if equal then goal difference per game and if still equal then scored goals per game) will be eligible to play the „EWHL Supercup Final Four Tournament“. Withdrawal of one club for the final tournament means that the next team in the ranking will get it’s place in the tournament and the team not participating will automatically be ranked from 5th place. The winner of the EWHL Supercup Final Tournament will be the „EWHL Supercup Champion 2023-24“.

  3.  Game Points & League Standings:
      • Regulation Time is 3 x 20 minutes. Each game must produce a winner.
      • The team  which  wins  a  game  after  regulation  time  will  receive  three points  in  the  league  standings,  while  the  losing  team  will  receive  no points.
      • If the game is undecided at the end of regulation time, each team will be awarded a  point  in  the  league  standings;  after  a three minute  break without  ice  resurfacing,  the  teams  will  then  play a  sudden  victory overtime.  Should  the  sudden  victory  overtime  still  fail  to  produce  a winner, the game will be decided by a penalty shootout in accordance with IIHF rules (start with 5 different shooters per team [resp. unless the winner is already clear]). The winner (after sudden victory overtime or the penalty shootout) will be awarded another point in the league standings.
      • Ranking in the standings will be decided as follows:
        • Firstly: Number of points. If points are the same, the following calculations ensue: If teams are equal on points the following tie-breakers are applied:
        • If two or more teams are on same level on points, the direct duel results count. Should three  or  more  teams  be on the same  level  on  points,  those teams’ scores are being recalculated in a sub-group if all teams in this sub-group played the same number of games, considering only those matches between the members of said sub-group. Ranking differential:
          1. Higher amount of points in the direct duel(s)
          2. Better Goal Difference in the direct duel(s)
          3. Higher number   of   scored   goals   in   the   direct   duels
        • Better Goal Difference overall
        • Higher number of scored goals overall
  4. Final Tournaments:
        • Day 1: 1-4, 2-3
        • Day 2: Bronze Medal Game, Gold Medal Game