Graz Huskies secure double victory against rivals

On Saturday, the Huskies were guests of the EWHL record champions and, up to that point, the best-placed Austrians, SKN-Sabres, in St. Pölten. The Graz-based team was determined to solidify their playoff position with a victory. Both teams started the first period with high concentration and tempo. The Graz team took a somewhat lucky lead just over 2 minutes into the game. However, their opponents had a fitting response a few seconds later. After this initial flurry, both teams neutralized each other for the remainder of the period. In the middle period, slight advantages were seen on the Sabres‘ side, but it was the Huskies who regained the lead with a beautiful individual effort. The final period also saw a game on a knife’s edge with chances on both sides and slight advantages for the hosts, all of which were defused by an excellent performance from the Graz goalkeeper. The Huskies were able to increase their lead to 1:3 after 5 minutes in the final period, securing the final score of the game.

Huskies‘ Goals: Nina Ausperger, Sara Confidenti, Lena Dauböck (Tamina Schall)

With 3 points in tow, the team continued to Salzburg, where a revenge for the home defeat was in order. It was evident from the opening face-off that the Graz team could control the game at will. It took just over 2 minutes for the Huskies to take the lead and shortly thereafter increase it to 2:0. The Eagles capitalized on a momentary lapse by the Huskies just before the end of the first period, temporarily narrowing the score to 2:1. The rest of the game was characterized by the overwhelming dominance of the Graz team, denying the hosts any room for chances. With a 7:1 victory, the Huskies perfected their road trip in the new year, taking home 6 valuable points.

Zoë Barbier (Sara Confidenti, Nikola Rumanova), Sara Confidenti (Nikola Rumanova, Zoë Barbier), Zoë Barbier (Sara Confidenti), Lena Dauböck (Nina Ausperger, Tamina Schall), Simona Grascher (Zoey Hobitsch), Zoë Barbier (Nikola Rumanova, Sara Confidenti), Sara Confidenti (Zoë Barbier, Nikola Rumanova)

The journey in the EWHL continues in 2 weeks, with an away game against the Highlanders on Friday and a home game in Graz against the league leaders and favorites, Hokiklub Budapest, on Saturday.