HK Budapest wins against the Sabres

The Hungarian team had only dropped three points throughout the season, making them clear favorites going into the game. The understrength St. Pölten team showed great determination from the start. With skill and a bit of luck (twice hitting the post), they managed to keep the score level for two periods. However, in the final period, HK Budapest was able to convert their dominance into goals and emerged victorious with a score of 3-0. This was the last game of the regular season. On Sunday evening, the top 4 teams in the table will select their opponents for the quarterfinals (format: home and away matches). The home match at the Sportzentrum NÖ will take place on Friday, March 1st, at 8:15 PM, while the away leg will be played on Saturday, March 2nd.

22.02.2024 17:45 HC SKP Bratislava 1 : 2 OT Aisulu Almaty
22.02.2024 19:30 MAC Budapest 6 : 1 Budapest Jegkorong Akademia
24.02.2024 15:30 DEC Salzburg Eagles 1 : 7 Aisulu Almaty
24.02.2024 16:00 SKN Sabres St. Pölten 0 : 3 Hokiklub Budapest
24.02.2024 17:00 EVB Eagles South Tyrol 1 : 5 EC Graz Huskies
24.02.2024 19:30 MAC Budapest 8 : 2 KSV Neuberg Highlanders