Important Wins for Road Teams

Graz beat Salzburg on the road 7-1 while the Lakers took three points from Kapfenberg after a 3-0 against the Highlanders.

So Neuberg is the first team to miss the play offs this year. The Salzburg Eagles are even behind them, but still have a theoretical chance as they played 3 games less so far. By the way – the game Salzburg – Bolzano could not be played on Saturday due to the blocked highway. A new date will follow, but will likely be during one of the following weeks.

On the other side BJA and the Eagles from South Tyrol still have the chance to jump on a play off spot, but it’s getting more and more difficult. BJA is 9 points behind 8th place, while the Italians even need 11 to be equal with MAC, Lakers and Sabres. So next weekend will already provide a crucial game for St. Pölten against Bolzano when these teams play each other on Saturday at 4 p.m.

In meantime two teams already made definitely the play offs: beside leader HK Budapest also Tauron Metropolia Silesia is now “safe” after taking 5 points this weekend against MAC Budapest (5-2 on Sunday). Especially the latter can be seen as a big surprise in 2023-24 EWHL season. In meanwhile Almaty and Bratislava are in a comfortable position while the Huskies, MAC, Lakers and Sabres have to defend their position against the two following teams.


13.01.2024 10:45 SKN Sabres St. Pölten 1 : 3 EC Graz Huskies
13.01.2024 13:45 MAC Budapest 1 : 2 OT Tauron Metropolia Silesia
13.01.2024 13:55 Hokiklub Budapest 4 : 3 HC SKP Bratislava
14.01.2024 11:00 DEC Salzburg Eagles 1 : 7 EC Graz Huskies
14.01.2024 12:30 KSV Neuberg Highlanders 0 : 3 KEHV Lakers
14.01.2024 13:45 Tauron Metropolia Silesia 5 : 2 MAC Budapest
20.01.2024 15:40 MAC Budapest : KEHV Lakers
20.01.2024 16:00 SKN Sabres St. Pölten : EVB Eagles South Tyrol
20.01.2024 17:45 HC SKP Bratislava : DEC Salzburg Eagles
21.01.2024 11:45 Budapest Jegkorong Akademia : DEC Salzburg Eagles
21.01.2024 14:45 Hokiklub Budapest : KEHV Lakers