MAC earns Postseason Ticket

MAC Budapest beat the Salzburg Eagles with a clear 8-1 and is the sixth EWHL team to secure the play off spot this season.

And in the second game within 24 hours in Katowice Tauron Metropolia Silesia took revenge for yesterday’s home loss and won 2-1 in a game that was close from beginning to the end and also saw excellent goalie saves on both sides. This result means that the team from Poland is back on second place now while the Lakers still have to be patient concerning their play off qualification. They have 4 points more than BJA and still can do their play off qualification by themselves – after the IIHF break they will play the SKN Sabres St. Pölten and Aisulu Almaty, two teams which are already qualified. In meantime BJA needs to make at least 4 more points in their 3 remaining games against Bolzano, MAC and Bratislava.

Also Bolzano still has the chance, while on the other side league newcomer Graz Huskies are not completely safe yet. So a lot of action still can be expected in the last two EWHL preliminary round weeks in second half of February.

02.02.2024 17:45 HC SKP Bratislava 11 : 1 Budapest Jegkorong Akademia
03.02.2024 13:30 SKN Sabres St. Pölten 5 : 1 Budapest Jegkorong Akademia
03.02.2024 14:15 Hokiklub Budapest 5 : 1 DEC Salzburg Eagles
03.02.2024 17:00 EVB Eagles South Tyrol 5 FORFEITED 0 KSV Neuberg Highlanders
03.02.2024 17:45 EC Graz Huskies 2 : 3 HC SKP Bratislava
03.02.2024 18:00 Tauron Metropolia Silesia 0 : 2 KEHV Lakers
04.02.2024 11:00 KEHV Lakers 1 : 2 Tauron Metropolia Silesia
04.02.2024 13:30 MAC Budapest 8 : 1 DEC Salzburg Eagles
17.02.2024 TBD Hokiklub Budapest : MAC Budapest
17.02.2024 TBD HC SKP Bratislava : EVB Eagles South Tyrol
17.02.2024 19:00 EC Graz Huskies : SKN Sabres St. Pölten
18.02.2024 TBD Budapest Jegkorong Akademia : EVB Eagles South Tyrol
18.02.2024 TBD SKN Sabres St. Pölten : KEHV Lakers
20.02.2024 20:45 EVB Eagles South Tyrol : Aisulu Almaty
22.02.2024 TBD HC SKP Bratislava : Aisulu Almaty
22.02.2024 19:30 MAC Budapest : Budapest Jegkorong Akademia
24.02.2024 TBD Budapest Jegkorong Akademia : HC SKP Bratislava
24.02.2024 TBD SKN Sabres St. Pölten : Hokiklub Budapest
24.02.2024 TBD DEC Salzburg Eagles : Aisulu Almaty
24.02.2024 17:00 EVB Eagles South Tyrol : EC Graz Huskies
24.02.2024 19:30 MAC Budapest : KSV Neuberg Highlanders
25.02.2024 TBD Aisulu Almaty : KEHV Lakers
25.02.2024 TBD Hokiklub Budapest : KSV Neuberg Highlanders
TBD TBD DEC Salzburg Eagles : EVB Eagles South Tyrol


MAC Budapest vs Salzburg. Foto: MAC/Fodor János