SKP with one Leg in Finals

In the EWHL semi finals SKP won clearly 5-0 against MAC and with that result the Slovaks have great chances to advance to the finals.

In meantime the duel between titleholder Hokiklub Budapest and the EC Graz Huskies was much closer than expected. The Huskies who finished this season’s preliminary round on 7th place were trailing 0-2 after first period but managed to come back and equalize the game in 47th minute. Even though the favourites from Hungary could score the game winner (50th) the result of 2-3 leaves all chances open for both teams. Levente Szilagyi, head coach of HK Budapest summarized the situation: “The game showed real play off hockey. We had a good regular season, but the situation now is different. Even though we had a 6 hour bus ride we have the one goal advantage now. So we have to fix a few things for tomorrow, but we are ready!” And Graz coach Paul Mocher: “It was a hard and close game. We do not have to play beautiful hockey but need to be efficient. Especially concerning the third goal the puck was bouncing a bit for our opponent, but tomorrow the puck will bounce for us!”

So at 6.30 p.m. defending champion HK Budapest has to defend a one goal advantage in the second duel within 24 against the Huskies, while league newcomer Graz has to score at least one goal more to come into an overtime resp. to make it to the finals. Already at 5.45 p.m. SKP Bratislava will play against MAC Budapest.

08.03.2024 19:30 MAC Budapest 0 : 5 HC SKP Bratislava
08.03.2024 20:30 EC Graz Huskies 2 : 3 Hokiklub Budapest
09.03.2024 17:45 HC SKP Bratislava : MAC Budapest
09.03.2024 18:30 Hokiklub Budapest : EC Graz Huskies

📸 @fodorjanos_photography

Foto: 📸 @fodorjanos_photography