South Tyrol keeps Chances Alive

With a 3-2 road win against Budapest Jegkorong Akademia the EVB Eagles South Tyrol keep their chances alive for taking part in the play offs this year.

On the other side the KEHV Lakers lost 0-1 in St. Pölten against the SKN Sabres and so missed their own chance to take the last open spot for themselves while the Sabres jumped back on fourth place. Now 11 games are still to be played in the EWHL preliminary round and already on Tuesday Bolzano is going for the next points when Aisulu Almaty will come to Italy.

Situation of the 3 clubs fighting for the last play off spot:

KEHV Lakers:

  • One game left: on the road against Aisulu on Sunday February 25, 2024
  • a regulation time win will mean the definite play off qualification, in all other cases it will depend on other results, but chances are anyway quite good because they have 4 resp. 7 points more than BJA and the Eagles South Tyrol.

Budapest Jegkorong Akademia:

  • Two games left:
    • MAC Budapest / A
    • HC SKP Bratislava / H
  • Need at least 4 points themselves as a minimum, but if the Lakers or Bolzano make all possible points not even the maximum of 6 points will help

EVB Eagles South Tyrol:

  • Three games left:
    • Aisulu Almaty / H
    • EC Graz Huskies / H
    • DEC Salzburg Eagles / A
  • Need a least 7 points by themselves as a minimum, the maximum of 9 points will just help if the Lakers will not win their last game in 60 minutes


17.02.2024 15:05 Hokiklub Budapest 1 : 3 MAC Budapest
17.02.2024 17:45 HC SKP Bratislava 5 FORFEITED 0 EVB Eagles South Tyrol
17.02.2024 19:15 EC Graz Huskies 4 : 1 SKN Sabres St. Pölten
18.02.2024 11:15 Budapest Jegkorong Akademia 2 : 3 EVB Eagles South Tyrol
18.02.2024 14:15 SKN Sabres St. Pölten 1 : 0 KEHV Lakers
20.02.2024 20:45 EVB Eagles South Tyrol : Aisulu Almaty
22.02.2024 17:45 HC SKP Bratislava : Aisulu Almaty
22.02.2024 19:30 MAC Budapest : Budapest Jegkorong Akademia
24.02.2024 15:30 DEC Salzburg Eagles : Aisulu Almaty
24.02.2024 16:00 SKN Sabres St. Pölten : Hokiklub Budapest
24.02.2024 17:00 EVB Eagles South Tyrol : EC Graz Huskies
24.02.2024 19:30 MAC Budapest : KSV Neuberg Highlanders
25.02.2024 TBD Aisulu Almaty : KEHV Lakers
25.02.2024 12:25 Hokiklub Budapest : KSV Neuberg Highlanders
25.02.2024 15:25 Budapest Jegkorong Akademia : HC SKP Bratislava
25.02.2024 19:00 DEC Salzburg Eagles : EVB Eagles South Tyrol